Fastest in the region

Recognised by Ookla® as the region’s fastest mobile and broadband network

Ookla® recognises Etisalat as the fastest mobile and broadband network in the region

First operator globally to be ranked by Ookla® on a regional level

Ookla, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis today recognised Etisalat for being the fastest mobile network in MENA and broadband network in GCC, Africa and Arabian region in 2019 due to its continuous efforts to invest and build one of the world’s most advanced networks.

The ranking is based on analysis by Ookla of millions of tests actively initiated by customers across every network to check internet speeds using various applications on web and mobile platforms. The Speedtest awards™ for top network providers are determined using a ‘Speed Score’ that incorporates a measure of each provider’s network speeds (download and upload) to rank network speed performance. The Etisalat network was recognised as the fastest network in mobile and broadband speeds in the UAE as well as across the MENA and GCC, Africa and Arabian region respectively.

Today’s announcement signifies Etisalat long standing commitment and leadership in the telecom industry. This recognition is significant as tests are actively initiated by consumers across every network. The latest Ookla results highlights Etisalat’s achievements in both mobile and fixed networks in MENA and the GCC, Africa and Arabian region, respectively. This has positioned UAE among the top five fastest countries in the world for mobile according to the Speedtest Global Index.

This is also a testament to Etisalat’s leadership and readiness to address the future requirements of the network.